The projects falling under this axis aim at improving the citizens’ daily life, entailing actions that improve mobility, upgrade the quality of the social services, implement “green solutions” to central locations of the city etc.

These projects are:

Launch and operation of the online platform “SynAthina”, serving citizens and liaising them with the Municipality of Athens’ Departments and Services.

This online platform serves as a vehicle for citizens’ groups to design, implement and develop their initiatives, facilitates the organization of these initiatives and liaises them (physically and virtually) with the policies designed and implemented by the Municipality’s agencies. As “citizens’ groups” are perceived those groups of residents that share the common goal of seeking solutions and actions in order to make their neighbourhood or city better. These groups may be formal – have a legal form of a non-profit organization- or informal, or they may get together on an ad hoc basis for specific initiatives. The online platform currently works in a pilot phase (beta version), with an upgrade soon to be applied. Total project budget: 47.478€.

Citizens’ Service Points

These sites operate as the Municipality’s one-stop shops, integrating more than 150 different administrative actions, serving the City’s citizens and businesses.  A Citizens’ Service Point has been installed in each one of the seven local administrative units of the Municipality of Athens
ADDMA mapped the local needs in order to identify the services that would be offered by the Service Points; developed and provided the suitable electronic and digital applications in order to ensure their smooth operation by providing a continuous interface with the database of the Municipality of Athens, and coordinated all the necessary actions in order to install and operate the seven Service Points in the designated locations. ADDMA also runs the promotion campaign of the Service Points, so as for the public to be informed about their operation and provided services. This campaign entails the production of brochures, outdoor posters, the promotion through online tools, such as websites and social media, as well as through radio spots.

Sustainable Food in Urban Communities (Urbact)

The Municipality of Athens is a partner in the “Sustainable Food in Urban Communities” programme, along  with nine other cities (Amersfoort, Vaslui, Brussels, Bristol, Messina, Lyon, Gothenburg, Ourense and Oslo). The partner cities aim to provide high quality food to their citizens through coordinated, effective and qualitative solutions; to develop food production systems by ensuring the participation of all social groups and to achieve low carbon emissions and sustainable management of their existing resources.
The project aims to underline the importance of adopting and following a nutrition policy for the City of Athens, by incorporating and highlighting good practices in topics such as daily diet, the use of local origin products, sustainable production methods and by promoting  a healthier, Mediterranean-based, Greek diet. Through its thematic priorities, Growing – Delivering - Enjoying, the program examines how citizens can embrace a viable, healthy and vibrant food culture in school canteens and households.
Total Project Budget: € 705.853

SEE MMS - South East European Mobility Management Scheme

The programme (concluded in 2012) promoted alternative transportation ways for citizens and visitors to get around in the city. Its main objectives were to boost improved mobility, sustainable economic growth and mitigate the negative impact on the environment, caused by traffic congestion.
Total Project Budget: € 1.435.000

Segment - Segmented marketing for energy efficient transport

The programme used a market segmentation methodology in order to test and verify the “degree of openness” of citizens to change their transportation habits and adopt new, soft transportation means.
Total Project Budget: € 1.712.528


The programme, which has recently been completed, developed a flexible online platform, enabling  the elderly (even those not familiar with new technologies) to create and participate in dynamic virtual communities, according to their interests and needs. A workshop that took place after the programme’s conclusion discussed the results of this platform as well as possible scenarios for a sustainable and efficient future use.
Besides, ADDMA, the programme’s other project partners were: the University of Athens, the Institute of Gerontology of San Sebastian, the Austrian Institute of Technology and the Ministry of Tourism of Spain.
Total Project Budget: € 1.740.000

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