Projects under implementation

Currently, 31 projects have been evaluated and are implemented with a total budget of €65.228.674, while three projects have already been completed: The Gas Industry Museum, the integrated urban intervention in the centre of Athens, and a Civil Society Engagement Platform. The specific projects currently under implementation are:

Project Title



  1. Reconstruction of the Urban Health Centre on Chania Str. (6th Municipality District)


Athens Municipality

This includes building and engineering operations for the regeneration and modernisation of the Municipal Clinic function of the 6th Municipal Department. The building which houses the Municipal Clinic is located on the Chanion 4b Str. in Kipseli (three storey with basement and attic)

  1. Reconstruction of the Urban Health Centre on Sarantaporou Str. (5th Municipality Unit)


Athens Municipality

This includes building and engineering operations for the regeneration and modernisation of the Municipal Clinic function of the 5th Municipal Department. The building which houses the Municipal Clinic is located on the Sarantaporou 4 Str., Patissia

  1. Reconstruction of St. George Square


Athens Municipality

This project includes the redevelopment of the St. George Square in Kipseli (a 4000 square metre surface). The interventions focus on highlighting its special characteristics.

  1. Reconstruction of the public area in Pafou Str.


Athens Municipality

This project includes the reconstruction of the public area in Pafou Str. in Agios Nikolaos. This area is 2.720 square metres and is surrounded by apartment buildings. This intervention aims to improve and increase the surface of a playground, increase greenery, improve the microclimate of the area and pedestrian traffic.

  1. Construction of Bioclimatic nursery on Neochoriou 5 Str., Kipseli


Athens Municipality

A new bioclimatic nursery is being built. It is located on Neocoriou 5 Str., Kipseli and will accommodate 16 toddlers and infants. It is a two-storey building with a basement.

  1. Construction of Bioclimatic nursery on Thermopilon and Leonidiou Str.


Athens Municipality

A new bioclimatic nursery is being built. It is located on Thermopilon and Leonidiou Str. at Keramikos and will accommodate 48 toddlers and 24 infants (total capacity for 72 children).

  1. Supply and installation of 20 sink-lift mechanisms with telescopic system of stable compactors for the temporary storage of waste or recyclables and their preservation for one year


Athens Municipality

This project contributes to the embellishment of the city and improvement of the quality of life, as the traditional trash bins are to be removed. At the same time the new system deters the unauthorised removal of recyclables and allows better use of the surrounding space. The installation will be done at selected areas of all Municipal Departments.

  1. Serafio sports and cultural centre


Athens Municipality

An indoor swimming pool is under construction, as well as a multipurpose complex with green areas and areas for social support. This project is located at the site of the old Serafio pools that were destroyed by the 1999 earthquake. It consists of 2 sections:

  • Indoor swimming pool,
  • Multipurpose centre (for sports and culture).

It will help upgrade and revitalise the area (the 3rd municipal department) as it will create a 5.469 square metre green area.

  1. 117th all-day Kindergarden of Athens


School Building Organization S.A.

The project will improve the building infrastructure and provide additional capacity to the local school. It is located on Flogaiti and Kozaki Str.

  1. Adding new wing and building construction works for 88th & 68th Kindergarden and 90th and 123rd Primary Schools


School Building Organization S.A.

This projects aims to upgrade the building infrastructure. It is located on Anaxarchou- Vathicleous-Iliados and Amfikratous Str. and includes the construction and expansion of the existing building which houses the 90th and 123rd primary schools.

  1. Curating the Old Gas Factory in Technopolis



A museum which highlights the initial use of the complex by the gas industry is created. Additionally, an exhibition regarding the history of the industry is established.

  1. Reconstruction of a school (formerly the 2nd Lyceum of Acharnon 80-82 & Cheyden 35)


Athens Municipality

This project includes the reconstruction of the school complex where the 2nd Lyceum was located. Two buildings are to be preserved and consolidated internally in order to operate as modern school building with classrooms, laboratories, computer rooms, etc.

  1. Sustainable Entrepreneurship in Athens



The main objective is the creation of a structured environment for the development of competitiveness, innovation and expansion of fledgling enterprises. The main services are the following:

  • Hosting of business groups
  • Coaching and consulting to business groups
  • Communication and promotional plans for products/services
  • Specialised consulting services
  • Training
  • Organisation, management, coordination and evaluation of business groups
  1. Strengthening the expansion of businesses in Athens



A set of actions target the growth of business in Athens by boosting exports and strengthening international trade and technological cooperation. It focuses on the development of promotional activities for products and services to international exhibitions and provision of technical and consulting services.

  1. Civil Society Engagement Platform



The establishment of this platform provides services for the design, implementation and development of citizen initiatives and supports the organisation of activities and cooperation with institutions and organisations to drive online and offline synergies.

  1. Innovation and entrepreneurship: INNOVATHENS



This project will exploit and transform existing infrastructures into integrated network centres for knowledge exchange, and support start-ups and unemployed people. New innovative business activities which provide knowledge and services to new young entrepreneurs will be supported. Access to experienced Greek entrepreneurs, scientists and researchers is a key feature of this initiative, through trainings, workshops and collaborative projects.

The beneficiaries of the project will be:

  1. Youth groups, pupils and students who have creative ideas
  2. start ups
  1. Integrated urban intervention in the centre of Athens


Athens Municipality

This project includes two topics. The first one focuses on exploring social, development and environmental parameters and on the development of an urban intervention strategy in the Municipality of Athens and especially in its wider central zone. At the same time, this topic will function as a pilot integrated urban intervention plan based on the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change’s directions. The second topic refers to a model for integrated institutional intervention in a fund for urban development, in the framework e.g. of Greek fund holdings and the EU’s JESSICA initiative.

  1. Innovation and entrepreneurship - utilisation of research in the Agricultural University of Athens



This projects aims to utilise the results of the research activity in the Agricultural University of Athens in order to maximise the benefits not only for the university but also for the Greek economy in general. It includes current research activity evaluation and the investigation of the commercial exploitation potential. It will initiate targeted consulting and technical support to develop ideas and to create business plans. The establishment of financing networks is also foreseen in order to involve Greek and international stakeholders. Training for researchers and academics to stimulate entrepreneurial culture is to be combined with the strengthening of cooperation between the university and industry, oriented towards targeted research for the production of high added value products and services.

  1. Organisation of travel trade workshop & conference 2014



The Athens Convention and Visitors Bureau of ADDMA entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with the European Tour Operators Association (ETOA) in order to organise a series of annual trade workshops under the brand name Travel Trade Athens.

  1. Consulting services to SMEs in the Municipality of Athens on entrepreneurship and partnerships themes towards the strengthening of innovation and competitiveness



This project refers to the creation of a multi-functional mechanism for the strengthening of entrepreneurial innovation among SMEs which have their headquarters in Athens. It is implemented by IME GSEVEE and the Institute for Trade and Services. The initiative aims to support effectively SMEs through the provision of consulting and support services on entrepreneurship, innovation and partnerships.

  1. Business utilisation research in the Athens University of Economics


Athens University of Economics and Business

The action aims to foster innovative entrepreneurship among young researchers and the establishment of new companies through the capitalisation of research undertaken by the Athens University of Economics. This project will strengthen the motivation of young people to innovate.

  1. Actions for the development of tourism in Athens


Hellenic Chamber of Hotels

The Hellenic Chamber of Hotels provides the opportunity to the city of Athens to have a space for ongoing interaction and consultation of citizens and visitors regarding tourist data and city information. In this way, the cultural wealth, facilities and resources of the city are properly managed, and regionally promoted.

  1. Supply and installation of 50 sink-lift mechanisms with telescopic system for wheeled bins (660-1100 litre capacity)


Athens Municipality

This project will create a system of ‘islands’ for the sorting of waste. The system will be implemented through the commissioning of 50 electro-hydraulic sink-lift mechanisms with telescopic systems and the capacity for 4 rolling bin containers for temporary storage of waste and recyclable materials. When the containers are in position, the only visible part is the entry space for garbage. The installation will be in selected locations in Athens.

  1. Hosting and supporting services (incubator) of new businesses in the sector of Information and Communication Technologies



The project aims to host and incubate 140 ICT start ups for the transformation of the Municipality of Athens into an area of economic development and entrepreneurship with wider benefits for the whole region of Attica.

  1. Business Support Centre for businesses based in the City of Athens



Services include:

  1. Consulting
  2. Training and networking services
  3. Investment promotion
  4. Ongoing economic research and analysis
  1. Creative Industries Startup Incubator



The main objective is to encourage the creation of new businesses in the creative industries and upgrading the role of the city through creating a friendly entrepreneurship ecosystem in Athens.

This project includes the following services:

  1. Selection of new candidate entrepreneurs based on evaluation
  2. Provision of hosting services by creating structures to support candidate entrepreneurs. The new entrepreneurs will test their business idea in two stages (3-month stage and 9-month stage)
  3. Mentoring services
  4. Coaching services
  5. Periodic evaluation of business groups during their transition.

Business groups accepted in this structure have either not yet established a company or have established one up to six months prior to their application.

  1. Targeted actions for Tourism development and promotion of Athens



This project aims at the implementation of actions which are related to:

  1. Development of the destination brand identity
  2. Penetration of new markets through business-to business channels (Tour Operators, Travel Agents)
  3. Press trips and familiarisation trips
  4. Measuring and monitoring local economic impact
  5. Online marketing campaigns
  6. Thematic experience design
  7. Destination specialists program
  1. Restoration of the former buildings of KAPAPS


Athens Municipality

This project refers to the restoration and transformation of the KAPAPS building on Chatzikonstanti, Lampsa, Trifilias and Lakonos Str. into a leisure, exhibition and creative centre for children. The building comprises a two-storey and seven–storey structure.

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility Programme



This project refers to the implementation of action plans for the creation of methodologies and best practices that encourage businesses and business networks to implement development or promotional actions regarding Corporate Social Responsibility in Athens.


  1. Social inclusion and wellfare
  2. Tourism
  3. Environment
  4. Social economy
  1. Establishment of social structures to tackle poverty


Athens Municipality

The aim of this action is the social integration of vulnerable groups with an emphasis on the homeless and those in poverty. It include the following:

  1. Daycare centre
  2. Shortstay shelter
  3. Coordination and monitoring office for vulnerable groups
  1. Implementation of aesthetic interventions and support for cultural infrastructure



The main objective of the programme is to enhance and enrich the tourist offering of Athens by creating backgrounds for varied and prototype cultural actions. The improvement of infrastructure for cultural activities in combination with aesthetic interventions on specific tourist sites is expected to boost the quality of tourist services and to improve the attractiveness of Athens as a tourist destination. These interventions indicatively include new artistic creations to cover the facades, shop windows and surfaces of closed or abandoned properties, use of painted banners or other masking techniques, lighting fixtures and new green spaces (such as pop-up gardens). The envisaged cultural actions are to be implemented through the reopening of closed shops, arcades and other unused spaces for exhibitions and other cultural activities.