The Athens Development and Destination Management Agency (ADDMA) is transforming Athens, with citizens’ help, into a leading and vibrant European capital.

On behalf of the Municipality of Athens, ADDMA is delivering an ambitious 10-year development plan known as The Athens Project, the plan is all about improving quality of life in the city, encouraging tourism and nurturing local entrepreneurship. Creative, extrovert and with a distinctly youthful feel, the new characteristics of the transformed city will make Athens both a better place to live and visit.

The Athens Project has already secured funding for €120 million worth of projects while an additional €54 million are being sought to finance maturing projects. Some 31 projects, with a total budget of €65.2 million are already in the implementation stage. A further 27 projects are ready for public tender with a budget of €65.1 million, while an additional 26 projects (with a budget of €47.8 million) are currently under consideration.

A series of studies carried out on behalf of ADDMA have fed into the design of The Athens Project:

pdf“Operational Programme of Social Reconstruction of the City of Athens”;
pdf“Strategic and Operational Plan for Tourism Development and Promotion 2013-2015”;
pdf”Supporting Entrepreneurship and Technological Competitiveness of Athens Enterprises in the City of Athens”;
pdf“Operational Plan for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the City of Athens”.