Substantial urban regeneration, improvements to citizens’ quality of life, greater competitiveness and the flowering of entrepreneurship coupled by the creation of new jobs will result from the implementation of The Athens Project.

The Project is actively seeking to alleviate the city’s social crisis by supporting the inclusion of vulnerable groups and encouraging social entrepreneurship.

The expected results of actions under implementation are:

  • 1600 formerly unemployed people from socially vulnerable groups will benefit from active employment policies;
  • More than 180 enterprises will benefit from new business hubs yielding 750 new jobs;
  • 350 SMEs will be supported through the provision of consulting and networking services;
  • 1200 people will participate in training programmes for social entrepreneurship;
  • 650 people are eligible for start-up financing for the creation of 130 new enterprises;
  • 250 homeless people are benefiting through programmes supporting the operation of overnight and day shelters as well as short-stay units;
  • 1170 people per annum benefit from the creation of a Rehabilitation Centre and by the operation of a programme that requires 96 jobs for its implementation.