Strategic Priorities

The Athens Project includes many initiatives and programmes that are grouped along 4 core priority axes:

  1. Boosting competitiveness and entrepreneurship

    Important sectors of the local economy are being strengthened to promote innovation and competitiveness, while also generating employment opportunities, especially for the young. In addition, important sites in Athens are being renovated to be transformed into entrepreneurship incubators focusing on new technologies. Moreover, actions designed around tourism development and promotion focus on business tourism and city breaks.

  2. Improving Athenians’ quality of life

    A series of projects are targeting the improvement of Athenians’ everyday life. These include upgrading public transportation and the provision of social services, greening the city through the implementation of smart infrastructure solutions, adding green roofs to schools etc.

  3. Promoting urban regeneration

    The regeneration of urban areas, through redevelopment, improvement and recovery of public areas, is already underway. Sustainable public space enhancement projects have also been planned in order to protect and promote the natural environment of the city, upgrade waste and sanitation services, and encourage the sustainable development of the city in general.

  4. Managing the Social Crisis

    A range of programmes is tackling unemployment and social exclusion. Integrated interventions targeting vulnerable sectors of the labour market include short-term employment schemes, training programs for the unemployed and the creation of a primary healthcare support network across Athens’ seven municipal districts. Moreover, this priority axis includes actions promoting the social economy and CSR.